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Recent i-map master users KGB Packaging talk to bestadvice.net about the launch of their eLIMINATE serivice using i-map as their complete back office system:

KGB Packaging has announced the launch of eLIMINATE, its new service incorporating a back office system for the entire mortgage packaging process. The eLIMINATE service uses I-map software supplied by Invent, and this “complete” processing system for packaging cases enables KGB Packaging to receive enquiries and cases on-line from brokers, have a two way data transfer interaction with Tri-Gold Prospector, and generate a full generic fact find and pre-populated application form acceptable by 28 lenders.

The I-map software enables eLIMINATE to link into lender DIP and AIP systems for quick decisions and it is capable of handling residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, secured loans and general insurance.

Currently, the i-map system gives eLIMINATE full integration with six lender systems: Future, GMAC-RFC, Rooftop, SPML, Victoria, and Wave, with several more in the pipeline.

Rachel Bancroft, managing director of KGB Packaging, said: “By branding our IT service ‘eLIMINATE, we are giving out a strong message about cutting out unnecessary work, both for ourselves and our brokers, and finding the right solution for customers quickly and effectively via the system’s powerful sourcing tool. eLIMINATE provides full integration with lender systems that allows the seamless transfer of information without the need for the tedious and time-consuming process of re-keying it. We believe that future success in the packager market can only be ensured by providing electronic solutions to enable brokers to work faster and more effectively, so we believe our investment in eLIMINATE will greatly benefit our own business and that of our brokers. We hope to add more features to the eLIMINATE service in future, to keep KGB in the front line of technological solutions for brokers.”

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