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The applicant(s) consent(s) to the fact that the information contained in the decision in principle form will be passed to 3mc OneLandlord, 3 St Georges Court, Altrincham Business Park, Altrincham, WA14 5UA, and may be passed on to a lender for the purpose of arriving at a lending decision.

The applicant(s) is aware that, where a credit search of you is not carried out, the response will be made purely on the information provided.

Where a credit search of the applicants is carried out, the applicant(s) consent to:

The disclosure of any of the information given on this form to the operators of the National Hunter System, the Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System and other collective mortgage data checking systems, who may make the information available to other lenders or subscribers to their system where this is done in the interest of fraud prevention.

The requesting of a credit reference (which will include information that may be used for an automated credit assessment) from one or more credit reference agencies and to the disclosure of any of the information given on this form to any such agencies. The clients have been advised that this information will then be made available to others requesting credit references against them and may be used, for example, in relation to future lending decisions, fraud prevention, debtor tracing, etc. The clients have been advised that any credit reference agencies who are contacted will keep a record of the references that are requested.

Any other enquiries that are considered necessary being made in connection with this application and to the disclosure of any of the information given on this form in order to make those enquiries.

The disclosure of the results of any (or all) of the enquiries that have been made about the applicant(s) to 3mc OneLandlord and to any lender.

3mc OneLandlord will research the schemes available from its lender panel and will provide the applicant(s) with an opinion as to which lender(s) and scheme(s) suit(s) the applicant(s) circumstances.

3mc OneLandlord are not providing any advice and / or recommendation to the client(s) and are in no way accountable to the applicant(s) for the information provided.

3mc OneLandlord does not have the authority to commit a lender to any binding agreement.

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