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This section will show you basic tutorials within the i-map system all you have to do is click on the links below and watch the tutorial that you wish to see:

Installation Tutorial

The Installation tutorial will show you how to install the i-map software, set up Users and Groups, how to run Check for updates and install Crystal reports. Just follow the steps to install the software.

Brokers tutorial

The Broker tutorial shows all the functions within the Broker version of the i-map software. So this tutorial will show the basic functions a user of the broker software can do within the system.

Beginners guide for the Master software (Tutorial 1)

The beginners tutorial will show you how to do the basic functions within i-map. So it is best suited for someone who has never used the software before to have a brief guide into how the software works and operates.

Special functions (Tutorial 2)

The special function tutorial will show users how to add a new document to the cases screen as different lenders have different documents that they need to make the case go through. So this function allows the user to add requested documents to the cases documents list.

i-Map upgrade (Tutorial 3)

This tutorial shows how to up-grade your i-map system. i-map is continuously being developed and refined by our programming team. All our users are entitled to the new functions which are available by up-grading on-line.

Broker Maintenance (Tutorial 4)

The Broker maintenance tutorial shows the functions within the broker's screen. This tutorial goes into more depth than the Beginners guide and gives more information on how to maintain all the broker's information.

Version 2 updates (Tutorial 5)

This Version 2 tutorial will show the benefits of using Version 2. It will show how to clone a case, Graphical reporting, how manage the columns in the cases screen, etc...

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